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Species at Risk (SAR) protection is a key element of preserving the rich biological diversity of natural areas for future generations. SAR include a wide variety of flora and fauna with legal protection under the federal Species At Risk Act (SARA) and the Ontario Endangered Species Act (ESA). D&A Ecologists are skilled at field screening and habitat assessments for SAR. We work with clients and agencies to achieve project approvals while simultaneously ensuring protection of SAR.


Click here to see how D&A has been involved with 69 SAR since our inception in 1981. And here to learn more about SAR bat surveys.


Our Approach

We have a solid understanding of SAR legislation, policy and regulations as it has evolved over the past three decades. Our applied experience in this area allows us to anticipate SAR-related issues that are likely to occur and to provide clients with strategies to address them.

SAR study requirements vary depending upon the species, habitats and site location. Our preferred approach is to identify potential SAR issues with agencies early in projects to facilitate efficient project planning and ensure that SAR compliance is dealt with in an effective manner.


Our specialty SAR services include:

  • Surveys:
    • Screening for potential SAR presence including bats
    • Nest surveys for ESA, SARA and Migratory Bird Convention Act (MBCA)
    • Liaison with agency staff on survey protocols and permits
    • Field surveys according to standard or customized protocols
    • Hybridity testing (flora and fauna)
    • Open-country habitat assessment
    • Delineation of protected habitats according to Regulations
  • Permitting and agency liaison:
    • Information gathering forms and 'C' Permit forms
    • SAR handling permits i.e. Wildlife Animal Care, Wildlife Scientific Collector
  • Impact assessment, compensation, and mitigation:
    • Strategies for development planning (including regional landscape assessments: south, central, and eastern Ontario and GTA)
    • Negotiating strategies and compensation for ESA compliance
    • ESA compliance monitoring
  • Conservation Strategies and Plans:
    • COSEWIC and COSSARO SAR Status Updates & Recovery Strategies
    • Monitoring of SAR populations

Choosing D&A

D&A staff can create a custom work plan tailored to your SAR study needs. Our expert knowledge of SAR, species habitat requirements, and survey protocols allow us to efficiently complete study requirements. Our reputation with COSEWIC, OMNR, Conservation Authorities, and municipalities is key to the successful completion of your SAR study.



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